Friday, September 28, 2012

Oh, the horror...(Part II-Even MORE heinous)

So yesterday Derek decided it was time to mow our "yard" (We don't really have an official yard, per's more of a boundary that we create in the hay field by cutting the grass so that we don't have waist deep hay at our front understand.)  I was inside with Brennan and we watched through various windows throughout the house as Derek buzzed around on the riding mower.  Then...he stopped.  He gazed toward the house with a crazed look in his eye* and I thought "Uh-oh...what's wrong??"  So I went to the door to check and he walked up calmly and told me to get the camera because there was a HUGE spider.  (There may or may not have been an expletive thrown in there.)  I have to admit, I thought he must be overreacting, a spider big enough to get off of the giant machine you are driving?? But who am I to judge?  So I got the camera.  Much to my dismay...he was, in fact, NOT overreacting...No, not one little bit.  

THIS is what he saw whilst mowing:

Texas Brown Tarantula...discovered mere FEET from my front door.

Perhaps the most astounding thing about this whole charade is that we caught the thing.  Looking back on this now, CLEARLY we were suffering some sort of panic-induced insanity.  Why else would we have gotten close enough to first capture the beast in a tupperware container and then transfer it to a mason jar since we couldn't see through the tupperware very well?  It defies reason. 

I have to admit...I was really hoping that this little monster and the heart palpitations that ensued would have thrown me into labor...but alas, I am still pregnant.  We didn't kill the spider, by the way.  Upon doing some research we learned that the Texas Brown Tarantula is actually quite docile and not poisonous.  Also, they eat other bugs and spiders and such.  HOWEVER, we did pass him along to my Father-in-Law who wanted to get some better pictures of the mongrel.**  He has STRICT instructions to release the disgusting beast far FAR away from the residence.  

I'm thinking it might be time to move.  Who can find me a place where man-eating spiders don't exist?? Hmm??

*He was clearly disturbed, but tried to remain calm.  As we were contemplating how to catch the spider he had the idea that maybe he could just "drop" the tupperware onto the spider.  I assured him that was a horrible idea because clearly this thing could bench press us both...we needed some force behind it!   So my brave husband inched closer and closer...very slowly...and finally slammed down the tupperware as he yelled "FACE YOUR FEARS!!" It was actually more like "FACEYOURFEARS!" one swift word.  If you watch Modern Family, think "Excited-Phil-Dunphy-Voice"  HILARIOUS.  

**That's right...Mongrel.  This thing was harrier than a dog.  And had longer legs too.  

Thursday, September 27, 2012

40 Weeks and a Silly Survey!

Total weight gain: how is it that when I was pregnant with my more-than-10lb baby I only gained 14 lbs total and somehow this time around with my "significantly smaller" baby I am up to 17 lbs? defies logic.  I'm blaming Texas because I seem to have some swelling this time around and I never did with Brennan.  Oh well...

Maternity clothes? 40 weeks pregnant I just look for something that is loose enough to maintain blood flow to my baby.  Not an easy task. 

Stretch marks?  Yep.  DANG!  I found one yesterday...right on my belly button of all places.  My skin is extremely tight so I wouldn't be surprised if we see a few more once this baby is out.  Battle Wounds!!  

Sleep: has actually gotten a little bit better/easier.  Not to say, in ANY WAY, that it is the best sleep I have ever had...but I seem to be a little more comfortable the last couple of weeks.  I'll take it.   

Best moment this week:  This is my last week of work at a "normal" job.  I have worked for basically my whole teen/adult this will be an adjustment for me, but I am so excited to be a Stay-at-Home-Mommy!  

Miss Anything?  Being able to easily shave my legs, reach my feet, and bend to pick things up! 

Movement: the baby still moves quite a bit, although he or she has slowed up a little.  My doctor just says that is because there is no more room to move (FYI, Baby...that is your cue to vacate the premises immediately!!  Thanks.)

Food cravings: Carbonated drinks.  Thank goodness we don't keep these in the house and I stick to water for the most part.  Pretty sure it wouldn't do good things for the "swelling" issue to drink a bunch of soda.   

Anything making you queasy or sicknot so much, but the pain from my belly stretching is pretty intense.  Especially when the baby moves violently! 

Gender: It's official...I am SO EXCITED to find out who this baby is!!  I can't believe that we have made it this far and that in a matter of 6 days (TOPS!) we will know who this baby is!!  Can't wait!!  I'm so glad that we's going to be such a fun/special moment. 

Labor Signs:  I have been having some fairly uncomfortable contractions, but nothing consistent enough to do any good...clearly this is one big cosmic joke.  AWESOME. 

Symptoms: swelling, contractions, stretched-to-the-max abdomen

Belly Button in or out? No belly button.  Just a giant belly. 

Wedding rings on or off? Still on.  I hope I don't have to take them off.  The swelling isn't so bad in my hands maybe we can leave them on for the rest of this pregnancy!!  

Happy or Moody most of the time:  I suppose I have hit the "moody" stage of pregnancy.  I am still happy, but I think I would describe it as pensive...a little anxious...I just feel ready to get this show on the road and sometimes I get a little bit overwhelmed with the "little details".  

Looking forward toHearing my doctor say "It's a _____!!!!" and finally getting to hold my little babe :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Splish Splash

A few months ago the town next to ours (The "Big City"...has a population of about 5,000!) got a new park!  Actually, it was already a park they just revamped it because it was pretty pitiful as far as parks go.  Also, it was extremely dangerous!  They had a slide that I UN-affectionately named "The Death Slide" because when Brennan was just barely 2-years-old he fell off of it and it was seriously one of the most ridiculously scary moments in my life to date.  Ugh.  Luckily, I have the reflexes of a jungle cat when it comes to my I was able to catch him and break his fall.  Then we both sat in the dirt and cried our eyes out.*  Fun times.  I am happy to report that the "Death Slide" was removed (and hopefully thrown into a fire and destroyed) and they replaced it with some newer/safer playground equipment AND...drum roll please...a SPLASH PARK!  It's not very big, but it's pretty awesome considering what it took the place of.  Brennan loves it.  It's so much fun hearing his squeals of delight as he weaves in and out of the geysers and water cannons.  Also, the fact that we live in Texas means that we will probably be able to enjoy this little splash park for about 11.5 months of the year.  Good call, Parks and Recreation of Center, TX...good call. 

Thankfully these little "guns" turn off when you rotate them toward the picnic tables because my son would definitely found enjoyment in soaking us as we watched him play.
Just as I enjoyed soaking HIM!  Muahahaha!!

A boy and his turtle.

Trying to block the water with his hand...not a huge success.

This seems to be his favorite part...he runs into the middle of the "ring of water" and then jumps up and down.

See? :)

Jumping like a frog

That's some pretty impressive air! 


I love this boy. 

*I would just like to state, for the record, that I am not being a crazy-over-reactor-hyper Mom in this case.  This was one of those old school metal slides with a ladder straight up the back and a slide straight down.  Problem was very high (as in, standing next to it with my arms completely stretched out above my head I didn't even begin to reach the top.) and there were absolutely NO side rails at the top...just open space.  You may be asking yourself at this point "What on earth were you thinking letting your two-year-old child go down such a slide??" and to you I would say...Exactly.  Hind sight is 20/20.  We were at the park with some friends of ours (the kids were 7 and 4) and Brennan wanted to slide with them...and he did...multiple times.  I stayed pretty close by because I feared the worst.  Then the park got crowded and for some reason all of these little kids were little daredevils and wanted to go down the "death slide"...Brennan got a little panicked when the kids were waiting on the ladder behind him, next thing I know he is falling head first off the top of the slide...which is when I dove under the slide and contorted my body to break his fall.  And the crowd goes wild!!!!  The End. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We Really Want to Know...

 What your guess is!!  So what do you think???  

Pink or Blue?  Boy or Girl?  Pheobe or Pheobo? 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Aren't these little sneak peeks amazing?  If you remember my earlier post from this pregnancy...we didn't exactly have a "riveting" ultrasound experience for our 20 Week (Half-Way-Point) Ultrasound.  Compared to the experience that we had during my first pregnancy it was somewhat of a let down.  Anyway...when I had my ultrasound for this baby last week (Doc wanted to make sure this baby isn't getting super huge like Brennan was!  All is well...we have a perfectly average sized baby!) I was surprised when the ultrasound tech was over-the-top friendly and randomly switched over to the 3D Ultrasound at the end of the session!*  I was pretty bummed that Derek wasn't there for it, but it was definitely a pleasant and unexpected turn of events.  I got to see our little baby's precious face!  Now...granted, this equipment must not be as nice as what we had with Brennan because you can definitely see a difference in quality, but just look at my sweet babies!!**

Brennan (above) and Baby #2 (below)...I can totally see the resemblance!  

I think I might see some hair on top of that sweet head too!! 

Baby has the "pouty lips" down! 

Brennan always seemed to have his hands up near his face, this baby seems to like his or her hands curled up nicely on the chest.

*Just in case you wondered...NO I did not peek at the baby's gender.  It was tempting, but come on...we've made it this far...we can wait a few more weeks!  I am so excited!! 

**By the way...the ultrasound picture of Brennan at the top was taken around 29 weeks gestation.  The picture of Baby #2 is at 36 weeks.  Brennan was a BIG boy!  My goodness.  You could definitely tell during this ultrasound that the baby had a lot more "wiggle room" even 7 weeks later than big brother.